Marlene W. 

Liz was methodical and precise.  She has great organizational skills as she quickly started making piles--things to go to Goodwill, things to discard, things I might want to sell, and things to keep. Her suggestions about what to do with things was very helpful because I’m terrible at decision-making.  I would definitely call Liz a master organizer!

Hoa N.

Liz helped me organize my dresser. She is an easy person to work with and has a lot of great ideas. She helped me categorize the many, various items I had on the top of my dresser into different bins and containers. She gave everything a “home”. This made it much easier to find things and easier to clean. 

Scott M.

I was unable to keep up with all my reading material which was scattered all over my office and at home. Within a few hours Liz had all the piles organized and in a filing system that allowed me to efficiently access any of the material I needed when I needed it. For any person who may have challenges organizing any material or other items at home, I highly recommend Liz as someone who can really help you in this area.

Jean S.

Liz jump-started me and helped me take off the first tier of all my stuff. She motivated me to keep going, and I really, really appreciate all that she did for me.  I will definitely recommend her to anyone who might need this type of service.

William P.

My large storage closet was a chaotic jumble of stuff. Liz pulled everything out onto the floor and then categorized all the items. She put it all back in a sensible order and now I can't believe I used to live with such a cluttered mess. It's amazing how much better I feel in life generally with order in my house. What a relief!